Mission Statement

The mission of WW2 History Archive is to focus on the preservation of the experiences of WW2 Veterans through the application of oral history interviews done through various media. We have fewer WWII Vets every day – the mission to honor them and capture their history is urgent. Additionally sponsorship and support to commemoration of the events of World War Two and the Veterans of World War Two is also our mission focus. Oral history obtained typically shall be donated to the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress www.loc.gov/vets. The interview may be written, audio or video and may include photos. Other preservation efforts may be duplication other WWII oral history archives for the VHP, scanning WWII related documents for the National Archives, creating documentaries, support of preservation of objects or buildings related to WWII. Lectures and classes may be given by WW2 History Archive. In the future Veterans of all America’s wars since WWII may be included. We support others efforts to commemorate the WWII and it veterans.

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